Hello, I am Jan Sawyer

I've been dedicated to serving students and the community for the past 35 years. This year I am running to be an Edmonton Public School Trustee of Ward I.


Always Learning

My Qualifications

My passion for learning has enabled me to gain expertise in these skills and competencies.

Compassionate And Caring

Dedicated Learner

Educational Leader

Masters Degree In Education


My priorities and goals

I will work hard to ensure safety of students, diversity in communities, and more. Click below to view my priorities list.

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I had the privilege of working with Jan Sawyer at the school where I taught. Jan was one of the greatest administrators I've ever worked with; she was always willing to listen and provide expert advice. Jan is extremely generous with her time and attention, ensuring that everyone feels heard and appreciated

Jenna Brenan

Former EPSB teacher, current owner of J’adore Dance

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The boys and I have so much love, appreciation & respect for Jan. She is missed from Jan Reimer school tremendously. She is such a powerhouse and so engaged & committed to everything she does, every venture, and every person, parent & student that she touches. Knowing her has been so incredible.

Loni Maurer

Parent, Jan Reimer School

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Jan Sawyer has been an exemplary leader and role model for a generation of teachers and students in Edmonton. She is committed to public education and would advocate for what is needed to ensure student success in the future. I endorse her wholeheartedly.

Donna McIsaac

Retired EPSB principal

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Jan has changed lives through her excellent and caring teaching. She listens to others with compassion and an ability to help others problem-solve. She has high expectations, but offers the support needed to fulfill those expectations. She would make a truly outstanding trustee.

Thoko Moyo

Former student, currently Registered Clinical Counsellor (B.C.)

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Jan Sawyer has devoted her life to public education as a teacher and administrator. As a principal, Jan was passionate in making a difference in the lives of all students. She listened, supported and motivated her teachers and staff to be better. Jan engaged parents and other stakeholders in meaningful conversations because of her strong convictions about the importance of a high quality public education system. Jan is honest, likeable and super smart. She will make a fantastic school trustee.

Shelley Fenton

Former Colleague and EPSB Principal


My career in numbers

100% Dedicated Dedicated to my students' learning and growth.

18 Years Teacher Curriculum coordinator and teacher.

17 Years Principal Including 10 years principal in Ward I at Satoo and Jan Reimer.

Want to learn more about my campaign? I'm always available by email.